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Real Property Tax Management
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Introducing a property tax software solution designed by property tax professionals and used to manage tens of thousands of parcels all across the US.  Manage parcels, track appeals, pay bills, store documents with a cloud based application that has a fully staffed back office behind it working for you.  Pay the lowest amount of taxes possible and pay it on time, with full visibility into your property tax digest from any browser with  Columbia™ from Cold River

What Is a Real Property Tax Back Office  (click for video)

When it comes to any real estate based asset management strategy, property taxes (literally) come with the territory. But property tax management takes time and focus away from your core business - making it the perfect component to outsource. Rather than chasing down all the necessary documents and details of each parcel, you can have the peace of mind that all your tax documents, data, appeals and payments are being managed effectively for you. That’s Cold River Real Property Tax Back Office. It’s what we do.

For many investors, CFO’s and property owners, keeping up with your property taxes can be a full time job. Real estate property taxes are a specialized task that requires lots of training and experience.  Often times the key person that accumulates that knowledge moves on to another position or company leaving you a big gap to fill.  If you know how that feels then rest easy and fill the gap with the Cold River Real Property Tax Back Office.  If your tax department is intact, then give them the Cold River Tax Tools they need to do the job well and save you money. 

We work with property investors all across the US. You deserve the unrivaled service and expertise of the Cold River Real Property Tax Back Office. Let us help you manage a critical component of your portfolio so that you can focus on what matters most to your business.

Why Outsource Property Tax Management?

  • Property taxes can become complex quickly. There is a lot to track and a lot that can be missed.
  • Keeping up with and interpreting tax documents often requires intra-departmental coordination. Outsourcing property tax management insures all the informaiton comes together for critical decision making.
  • Tracking the sheer number of taxing jurisdictions, filing deadlines and payment due dates means lots of opportunities for costly errors. Cold River manages that for you.
  • Outsourcing your property tax management helps manage the risk of costly missed payments, fines and penalties, liens, fifas or the catastrophic loss of property or collateral.
  • We help our clients avoid overpaying taxes due to the lack of a managed and comprehensive appeal strategy.
  • Outsourcing property tax management alleviates the costs associated with training internal staff and the distractions of dealing with non-core business functions.

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Banking on Good Vendors and Core Competencies

Bob Koncerak, November 25, 2015 
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